Wood Piles
  1. Failure Analysis of Wood Piles Supporting Petroleum Storage Tanks
  2. Evaluation and Residual Strength of Wood Piles Supporting the FDR Drive
  3. Investigation of Piles Supporting the Hoboken Ferry Terminal
  4. Assessment of In-Situ Pile Condition and Suitability for Supporting a New Power Generation Facility
Wood Structural Members
  1. In-Situ Evaluation and Stress Grading of Wood Timber Frame Members in a 90 year-old Warehouse
  2. Failure Analysis and Grading of In-Situ Timber Trusses in a 25 year-old Commercial Building
  3. Evaluation of Wood Decay, Construction Errors, and Structural Capacity in a Renovated Apartment Complex
  4. Investigation of Fire-Retardant-Treated Plywood and Lumber in Commercial and Residential Structures
Building Performance Evaluations
  1. Investigation of Exterior Architectural Woodwork & Water Infiltration at a Condominium Complex
  2. Building Envelope Investigation of a Condominium Complex
  3. Assessment of Wood Decay, Moisture, and Construction Problems in a Condominium Complex
  4. Evaluation of Wood Siding and Paint Performance in a Federal Housing Project
  5. Investigation of Wood Framing Design and Construction Errors in a Large Residential Structure
  6. Analysis of Construction Practices, Moisture Problems, and Wood Decay in a Swimming Pool Structure
Wood Products and Assemblies
  1. Investigation of the Texas A & M Bonfire Collapse
  2. Investigation of Failed Wood Utility Poles
  3. Investigation of Wood Composite Flooring
  4. Investigation of Buckled Exterior Wood Paving Block Floor
  5. Evaluation of Buckled Plywood Underlayment in a School Building
  6. Investigation of Dimensional Instability and Buckling of Wood Gymnasium Floors
  7. Evaluation of Wood Water Storage Tanks
  8. Analysis of Joint Design, Installation Methods, and Dimensional Stability of In-Situ Decorative Wall Panels
  9. Failure Analysis of Wood Exercise and Sports Equipment
  10. Failure Analysis of Wood Scaffold Planks
  11. Failure Analysis of Wood Ladders
Research and Development
  1. Development of a Multi-Parameter Stress-Wave Grading Machine for Full-Size Lumber
  2. Development of Published Allowable Design Stresses for Eastern Hardwood Lumber
  3. Development of Published Allowable Design Stresses for Eastern Softwood Lumber
  4. Development of Published Allowable Design Stresses for Russian Spruce
  5. Non-Destructive Stress-Wave Testing and Statistical Reliability Assessment of Transmission and Distribution Lines
  6. Development of Standardized Testing, Strength, and Durability Requirements for Truck-Trailer Flooring Materials
ICBO Code Submittals
  1. ICBO Evaluation Service - ES Report PFC-6057 Advanced Engineered Lumber. 2003.
  2. ICBO Evaluation Service - ES Report PFC-5725 Open Joist 2000.

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