Condition assessment of marine structures
Wood Advisory Services has performed numerous investigations of in-situ wood structural members as well as removing large members, such as wood pile sections, for extensive mechanical and microbiological evaluations. We have evaluated structural timbers, utility poles, lumber, decking, glulam and composite timbers, marine pilings and timbers, and structural composite panel products. Frequently, the renovation of older structures requires detailed assessment of the structural capacity of large timber beams, columns, and connections. These projects most commonly involve:

  • In-situ grading and non-destructive assessment of structural members.
  • Development of residual strength properties through small clear test specimen evaluation (ASTM D-143 and ASTM D-2555).
  • Use of a Resistograph to evaluate the density profiles of timber cross sections and connections.
  • Assessment of biological, thermal, and chemical deterioration
  • Evaluation of checks and splits in structural timbers
  • Analysis of timber connections
  • Failure analysis

Structural assessment of historic bridges
Wood Advisory Services provides specialized expertise in the evaluation of in-service wood piles used for foundations and marine structures. Structural assessment and rehabilitation efforts require close examination of existing wood foundation piles. We have investigated pile condition in terrestrial, fresh water, and marine environments. Our timber pile consulting services typically include:

  • Destructive testing to determine residual properties evaluations to assess condition of in-situ piles (ASTM D-143 and ASTM D-2555).
  • Marine borer species identification and infestation assessment
  • Evaluation of microbiological deterioration (wood decay, soft-rot wood decay, and bacteria)
  • Preservative retention and penetration determination
  • Failure analysis

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